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Tricia, and Abby

KPP is dedicated to making the lives of children and adults living with diabetes less complicated and more active.

KPP Pump Pockets clothing started after Tricia's daughter, Abby was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes back in 2002. As with any family facing this diagnosis, our lives were turned upside down. Abby was an active 5 year old that wasn’t at all interested in her condition. We worked our way through the regimen of blood sugar testing and administering shots 24/7. When we were given the green light to put Abby on an insulin pump, we thought we had reached an easier plateau. However, the reality of having an active child attached to an insulin pump opened up a whole new set of challenges.

It wasn’t long before we realized the products available on the market did not meet our needs. The 1st KPP Pump Pocket was made especially for Abby to hold her insulin pump. Now, after many years of testing, with numerous revisions and improvements, Tricia and Melissa bring KPP’s innovative products to you.

Since starting KPP in 2007, we have helped many families simplify their lives with our basic product designs. Thankfully, we were on track with our manufacturing prior to Tricia's oldest daughter, Katie's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in August of 2007.  The diagnosis was devastating, but it strengthened our resolve to make our top quality insulin pump clothing available to everyone using pump therapy.  Katie has provided us with a different point of view for our products, and we are working closely with our manufacturers to design new products that will appeal to teen pumpers.



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Okay, so I am a performer, and I found myself before the KPP's sticking my pump well... in my underwear. (Awkward!) So, my dad bought me 3 pairs of boxer briefs and I began to use them for concerts, performances, and other performances where I didn't have a pocket to use. (Even if I did... I have a frequent bad-habit of letting the tubing spill out of my pocket..)  Anyway! The Briefs are WONDERFUL. I use them all the time, just because I like them so much, not just during performances.  Thank you for such a wonderful product idea. (And a terrific "Mom Song!")

Sydney J., 16 years old, dx'd Age 7

Jacksonville, Florida

This picture is of Wyatt taken at his final spring game last week. He certainly has benefited from the KPP boxer brief underwear! He will benefit even more when he goes into the summer soccer camps!

Buzz T.

Sante Fe, New Mexico

"I love your product. It makes such a difference for our 3 year-old, Ben. The pump belts were such a floppy mess." Sarah T., Maine

"Your products have made a real comfortable difference in the lives of many, including us. We received our pump with a clip that fell off everything and you have been a true lifesaver. Thanks for everything."
Elizabeth L.,
Rhode Island

"Your undershirt worked very well for my son and we look forward to doing business with you in the future."
The Green Family
Tampa, Florida

"Thank you for making a great and helpful product!"
B. Ellis Yamhill

"We got the spaghetti strap shirt and love it. She mostly sleeps in it now.  It is a great product and we have gotten a lot of use out of it, thank you."
M. Brooks
Largo, Florida


"... again I want to thank you for having such a good product."
Rivera Family
Orange Park, Florida



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