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Class Party – Carb Counting Battle

IMG_1748Some of the best days in elementary school center around a classroom party.  The students get advance notice, and everyone counts the days until the books are put away and the cupcakes are served.  

Any parent of a diabetic child knows that this day can present challenges that a regular school day does not.  Carb counting on the fly, adjusting lunch carbs to accommodate the heavy snack.  The piles of cupcakes, juices and chocolates that you can not possibly account for.  Although kids are naturally excited, Moms and school nurses prepare to do carb-counting battle.

Communication between Mom, Nurse and Teacher is even more critical during these party days.  Drinks are easy, as you can send a water bottle with Crystal Light for your child to have during the party.  The food is always tricky.  Your best option is to plan ahead.  

I always had my girls pick two things that they wanted to have.  The teacher would take a picture of the plate and send it to the nurse.  Then, the nurse would call me and we would cover.  Many times my girls knew exactly what they wanted as they had been eyeing it all day and they were able to pre-cover.  Lets face it, having two cupcakes a glass of juice and some chocolate in one sitting isn’t healthy for any child.  On school party days, it is the standard.

To help you plan ahead, a Valentine Candy Carb Count that lists a wide variety of candy and chocolates that your child may receive at a school party.  I hope this helps simplify your life.