New Medical Insurance Nearly Makes Head Explode

My daughter Abby was diagnosed at 5 years old in 2002.  My oldest daughter was diagnosed at age 12 in 2007.  My husband was diagnosed at age 40 in late 2011.  To say that the pharmacist knows me by name is an understatement.

The pharmacist greets me at the drive-thru window with my varied collection of bags when he sees my car in the line.  Sometimes he motions to me to come inside because all of my prescriptions will not fit through the window.  Because of the sheer volume of medications my family requires, I am on auto-fill, auto-pay and anything else they offer to get me in and out as quickly as humanly possible.

However, last month my husband started a new job with new health and prescription coverage.  If you are like me? Chills just went down your spine!  Most people can simply wait to get their new health cards and prescription cards in the mail.  Do I have that kind of time? NO, I need stuff now, today, every day!!  So, I called my new prescription coverage office and asked them what I need to do in order to get my prescriptions covered today before my cards arrived in the mail.  He simply said to tell the pharmacy the new health insurance company’s name and my husband’s social security number.  Easy enough.  Off to the pharmacy I go.

The pharmacist chuckled heartily and said, “That is not how this works.  I need the BIN#, PCN#, ID# and Group#.”  I innocently asked, “Then how much is the insulin without the coverage?”  He flatly replied, “$535.96”

Uhg!  As my household uses many vials a week, this was not an option.  My eyes begin to fill with tears, and I place a call back to my pharmacy coverage office.  I listened to many perfectly good 80’s songs that have now been reduced to elevator music, and waited for help to come through on the other end of the phone line.  Luckily, when they did get on the phone they were happy to give me the numbers I needed and were surprised I had to call back.  Of course, the representative, Steve, I spoke with just an hour earlier did not seem to exist anymore.

After I returned to my pharmacy, I made everyone wait behind me while I meticulously updated everyone’s medical information in my family.  Sorry to the people behind me, but I cannot risk the new medical insurance denying my shopping list of prescriptions.  So, if you find yourself in a similar situation one day, needing your diabetes supplies before the mail can deliver your new insurance cards, gather ALL the above information.  A social security number will not always do the trick!

Tricia Wood

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