Cell phone fits perfectly in the pocket of the KPP cami bra so I can run freely.

Crossover Cami Bra

Ever since our cami bras debuted back in 2008, I have been using them to hold my Classic iPod, iPod Touch, and most recently my last two iPhones while I work out.  It is a personal preference, Women's BraBkgdWbut in order for me to run “…like the wind, Bullseye” I need my hands free (nor anything strapped to my arm) and the KPP cami bra is my solution.  As I’m preparing to run in the Gasparilla 5K on Feb. 23rd, I realized how odd it is that we never mention how handy our Women’s cami bra is for working out.


KPP Cami Bra Benefits:

Front Pocket holds the iPhone vertically so the headphone jack and wires can stick out the top of the pocket.  This positioning makes it easy to pop the phone out of the pocket and skip a song, change the volume, or even answer the phone if needed.  Plus, the phone does not shift or slide at all.  The pocket holds it securely.

The bra’s fabric content is about 90% cotton and 10% spandex.  Therefore, the cami bra absorbs my sweat before it reaches my phone.  My old running shirts, the kind with the pocket in the middle of my back, were all synthetic.  Great for letting the sweat move through the material, but my Classic iPod was soaked by the end of a run.  My iPhones have never even been damp which I’m certain is better for the electronics.

2nd side pocket is great for holding my driver’s license, a credit card, a key and/or some cash.  When I run in local 5Ks or workout at the gym, I am nervous about leaving my purse inside my car.  Everyone does that and thieves know it.  The side pocket in the cami bra allows me to carry my i.d. and some cash while I am away from home.  Since my valuables are on me at all times, I don’t have the worry of putting my iPhone or other items down at the gym and having some lowlife walk off with them.

In the pics below you can see that I have on three layers.  My KPP cami bra is the bottom; phone holding and sweat-absorbing layer.  My sports bra is over the cami bra.  Then, my tank top is over both bras.  It may seem like a lot, but the tank is really about covering my gelatinous abs (no one needs to see those shake while I run).  I use the sports bra only when I run because it is designed to provide extra support.  KPP’s cami bra does not claim to be a sports bra for high impact activities.  Its slender straps will not provide adequate support for a bouncing bosom.  However, when I’m taking a walk, or lifting weights I only wear the cami bra and it keeps my iPhone out of my way, yet safe and secure.


No iPhone in cami bra’s pocket.


Running today, so cami bra is tucked under my sports bra.


iPhone slips into cami bra pocket easily.


Closer view of the layers and iPhone in pocket.


Close up view of iPhone tucked in KPP pump pocket. IMG_0383

Headphones in, wire tucked under bra strap and ready to run.

*UPDATE – I went out to walk this morning and decided I didn’t want to deal with my headphones.  It was truly a wonderful walk because I put my phone in the cami bra’s pocket and started my playlist.  Because of the pocket’s position and the speakers were towards me, I was able to listen to my music and hear the birds chirping and squirrels scampering.  I’m going to go without my headphones to the Gasparilla 5K on Saturday.  That way I can listen to my music and have a conversation with my youngest son while we run the course.  Life is good.

If you want to see the cami bra in more detail, check out our video.  Or visit our store and pick one up before your next trip to the gym.  Leave a comment and let us know how it works for you.

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