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Crossover Cami Bra Update – 2013 Gasparilla Run

Picture of Cone Family at 2013 Gasparilla 5K

Cone Family

This is an update to my post on Feb. 19, 2013.

This year’s Gasparilla 5K had perfect weather for running.  It was a little cooler and cloudy.  Normally, it is warm and very sunny.  A killer during the last mile that is run along Bayshore Blvd.

Picture of 2013 Gasparilla 5K Sea of Runners

Sea of Runners

Bryson and I were running buddies during the event.  (Bryson is our younger son wearing #12723 in our family photo.)  We ran and listened to the music from my iPhone that I carried in my KPP cami bra.  I went without headphones so we could both easily hear the music.  As always, the cami bra had no problem supporting the phone during the entire run.  Plus, when a song started that Bryson wasn’t a fan of, I was able to quickly pull the phone out of its pocket in the bra and skip to the next song.  It worked out great!

Picture of 2013 Gasparilla 5K Run Complete

5K Afterparty

After the event each year, we grab lunch at the Hooter’s restaurant in Channelside.  This year was no different.  Even though my husband’s company sponsored the lunch for everyone that ran the 5K on HomeTeam PestDefense’s team, I did carry my i.d., a credit card and some cash in the side pocket of the KPP cami bra.  These items were never used, but I always feel better having them with me just in case.  I didn’t carry a purse, so the entire time after the race and during our lunch celebration, the KPP cami bra held my iPhone, i.d. and money.  I never had to think about it once.