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Needles and Tattoo Ink?

Medical ID Tattoos

Medical ID Tattoos

Is this the answer?  For my family, it was!

In a household of three diabetics; husband and two daughters, medical ID has been an expensive endeavor for my family.  We started with the standard medical ID silver bracelet and or necklace.  Many complaints were made about how ugly they were.   Then we went custom – even more money.  Everything we made, was super cute, and super expensive.  I didn’t mind though because I felt like I was helping in some way.  

Psychologically, I find that over the years, throwing money at diabetes was often a comfort.   I was helping in what often felt like a helpless situation.  The problem is, there is a reason you do not give 5 year olds jewelry!  It gets lost, broken, or destroyed.  Every morning we would fight over putting the jewelry on, or to just find it!   Then, they started wearing the pump.  I felt a little reassured that even if they did not have their bracelet or necklace on, they would have something on that hopefully would identify them as diabetics in an emergency.  

As the girls grew into teenagers, the typical shedding of the pump occurred.  Then, what I had been dreading, they started to drive.  First Katie, then the following year Abby.  They were away from me, away from the school nurse, and without medical ID.  The diabetic parent trifecta of fear.  

So, after much deliberation my husband and I decided that we would allow them to get tattoos.  That is what the girls wanted and they would not lose or break them.  I started researching the idea by talking with a firefighter friend.  I asked if he thought it would be a good identifier of their diabetes and if they look for them in an emergency.  He said, as long as it is on the left wrist with no other tattoos, or over their heart that first responders would look for it.  

I settled myself with the idea and the girls started designing their own tattoos.  They worked tirelessly on them and were very invested in how they looked.  The first appointment was for my youngest daughter, at the time she was 16.  My husband took her and I cried the whole time that they were gone.  It seemed so final, marked for life.  I felt in some way that we had given up on the cure.  Then it was my older daughter’s turn.  I went with her and that was better.  She was excited, so then I was excited too.  

Now, a few years later, they have gone off to college.  A little older, a little wiser and back to being attached to their pumps.  (Can I get an amen?)  The tattoos give me one less thing to worry about.  A little piece of mind, which can be hard to come by with three diabetics to worry about.  What does a mom do,  if not worry?

Waiting on an Artificial Pancreas?

de11-2-artificial-pancreas-diagram.ashxInsulin pumpers are closer now than ever before to the reality of having a “smart” insulin pump system that will act as an artificial pancreas. Are you a pumper that is keeping track of the progress of this revolution in diabetic care?

It seems that the hardware is already within our grasp. We are waiting on the “smart” part of the system to get resolved. If you missed the article last month detailing the work being done on the software (control algorithm) part of the artificial pancreas project, then follow the link below to Medical News Today to learn more.


Blood Sugar Meters – Not all are alike

Freestyle Lite Meter

Freestyle Lite Meter

Is one blood sugar meter as good as the next?

The Wood Family says, “NO!”

Since our family of three diabetics recently changed insurance, we had to start using new blood sugar testing meters.  We were using the Freestlyle Lite’s for many, many years but the new insurance does not cover the test strips.  As any diabetic knows, the test strips are extremely expensive so we had to switch.

Accu-chek Meter

Accu-chek Meter

Our options were Accu-Chek or the One Touch.  I chose the Accu-Chek Nano because it was the one that most looked like the Freestyle Lite meter.  I filled the prescription of the strips and bought 3 meters and thought we were in business.  Well, when I brought the new meters home to my family you would have thought I brought home a bag of live snakes.  They did not want anything to do with them.  Getting them to just try the meter required me threatening to never buy them another skinny mocha from Starbucks again.

OneTouch Ultra2 Meter

OneTouch Ultra2 Meter

Once they tried it, it did not get any better.  The new meter requires at least twice as much blood and often gives an error message requiring re-testing.  I am sure to the insurance companies changing their meters shouldn’t be this big of a deal.  It has turned into a very big deal in the Wood house.  Let’s face it diabetes stinks and when you find something you like, you just want to keep it! Anyway, wish me luck.  I am off to the pharmacy to buy a single One Touch meter to have them all try.  (Fingers Crossed)

Tricia Wood

A New Year — New Beginnings

We are halfway through January 2013 and I am already struggling to keep all of the “balls in the air”.  KPP is renewing its efforts to stay connected with its customers.  We just had to find a system that would simplify the process of communication.  This newly established blog will take the place of our previous E-Newsletters.  In addition, you can stay connected with KPP on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.

As part of our new beginnings at KPP, we are updating our website.  We are making some new product videos, posting customer pictures/comments, and streaming our Facebook and Blog entries.  We hope you like the refreshed look.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 9.17.29 PM

Glucose Buddy

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 9.16.57 PM


Like always, we wanted to share with you some things we found of interest.  As we embrace the new year, organization is one of those resolutions near the top of our lists.  In an effort to locate tools to help us track our glucose trends and refine our carb counting, we discovered the App Store had what we needed.  Glucose Buddy is free and CarbsControl is $1.99.  Both apps are highly rated and appear to be simple to use.

KPP is excited about 2013.  We look forward to connecting with you and continuing to earn your loyalty by making outstanding products.

Tricia & Melissa